Optimal sound! Personally tailored to you!

Experience a sound that is tailored to your individual hearing!
Through personalization, you will discover details that were previously hidden from you!
With our products you will find new pleasures of life and experience music and film in a quality you have never heard before!

The application possibilities of our products are as various as the demands of our customers!

Our products are used in the following target groups:

ProTon Plus

hearing impaired people

After a short one-time hearing test to measure your individual hearing ability our algorithm will define the perfect sound spectrum for you.

Movies and music will be optimized, adapted to your hearing profile.

ProTon LifeStyle

Multimedia / Entertainment

Our solution for the ideal entertainment experience.

Immers yourself in new movie and music worlds! Whether at home or on the go: With ProTon Lifestyle you will experience incomparable hearing quality on a wide variety of multimedia devices.

ProTon Hi-Fi

High Fidelity High End

High-quality sound in noble processing, paired with an algorithm specially optimized for Hi-Fi requirements.

Created for all those who are looking for the perfect HI-Fi sound! Our quality "made in Germany" promises a first-class product that will accompany you for life.

Hear the difference!

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Hearingtest App

Our apps are currently under development and will be available for download in the app stores as soon as possible.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Become a partner:

Our vision is to provide everyone with the ultimate listening experience! For this reason, we are looking for strong partners who can optimize and customize their products with our innovative solutions!

Our flexible product solutions are very easy to integrate!

Sounds interesting? Then do not hesitate and contact us!

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